Advantages of Building in Northern Kentucky

Location Northern Kentucky is just a bridge south of Cincinnati. A quick drive beyond the Ohio River, and you will find numerous locations to build your dream home with The BOLD Company. For instance, the town of Florence, Kentucky is a mere 13 1/2 miles from the city center. Florence has a thriving community with…

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Energy Efficiency Day

energy efficiency; home being scanned by meter

October 6th marks America’s very own Energy Efficiency Day. This one-day event is a “collaboration effort of dozens of energy efficiency advocacy groups around the United States.” The message of the day is straightforward. Basically, Its mission is to save money, cut pollution, and create jobs. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy…

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What To Consider When Designing A Custom Home Plan

custom BOLD home

Consider Resale Value Who thinks about resale value when building a custom home plan? While it may seem odd for a person who’s building a new home to think about selling it, it’s important to address what you want and what the marketwants even in the initial planning stages. If you’re not careful, you may…

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Bathroom Remodeling Project At Its Best

bathroom remodeling project

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashion bathroom remodeling project? BOLD’s design team can turn the old into brand new with a complete revamp. Whether you want a new hot tub, a handicap-accessible shower, or new lighting that creates a whole new vibe, we have you covered. Why Go With BOLD? The BOLD company serves…

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BOLD Helps With A Catastrophic Recovery

bold helps with recovery with damaged home

One evening in November 2020, Demetrius and Kristen witnessed a nightmare. Their home and most of its contents were completely lost in a house fire. Thankfully, their entire family made it out OK, but the damage to the home was undeniable. The only part firefighters were able to salvage was the foundation.  Recovery Home Process…

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What Is A “Green-Built” Home?

green home with lightbulb and Bold logo

All new constructions at BOLD are built with strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. A “Green-Built” home has been rated to meet the standards of the Energy Star program and not only serves the environment but serves the pocketbook of the homeowner. In fact, Energy Star qualified homes are at least 15% more…

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What Are The 5 Phases of Construction?

before and after pic from putting walls up to adding brick

At The BOLD Company, we understand that a new construction process is overwhelming to any homeowner. Because there are several phases of construction, it is important to define these. There are so many questions that seem unanswered and there is always one question that is asked again and again. When will my custom home be…

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What 6 Issues Should I Discuss With My Builder?

new construction-home built with no siding and floor plan unfinished

We all know that building new construction can be a stressful feat for both the homeowner and the custom home builder. It is not uncommon for homeowners and builders to debate over issues related to the construction process. Whether a homeowner is disappointed with the final touches, or a builder is frustrated with the lack…

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Financing A New Construction

Financing a New Construction

The thought of a new custom home construction project sounds fantastic. Who does not want to create their dream home, and then enjoy the thrills of living in this dream? Building is an enticing thought. However, it is not always easy. There are always questions and concerns with new construction projects. When it comes down…

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Home Warranties 101

home warranties

What Does My Warranty Cover? This is a valid question and one that every new homeowner should ask. Home warranties are such a vital part of the new construction process. In fact, those building a custom home should ask questions during the entire process. When it comes to the warranty, BOLD has you covered with…

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