Be BOLD and Be Thankful

Give Thanks with a white pumpkin and sunflowersIt has been an interesting year for us all. 2020 has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and an overall tone of unrest. Ultimately, this past year has been tumultuous, to say the least. Starting with the fires in Australia, the beginning of the world pandemic, terrible storms in the gulf, fires in the West, riots on the streets, and all of the election debate, what more could we handle? However, in turbulent times, we at the BOLD COMPANY still believe in the attitude of gratitude. Despite the interesting year we have had, we continue to be grateful for all of our clients who trust us, and all of our builders and suppliers who share our values and work ethic. Essentially, be BOLD and be thankful.

picture of Rose EmmelineFurthermore, November is the month of Thanksgiving and even in the middle of our COVID pandemic, we all have much to be thankful for this year. For instance, earlier this year, as the pandemic was first spreading, the BOLD family was blessed with our newest grandchild. Rose Emmeline was born healthy and well and
ready to take on the world! We couldn’t be more joyful to add a new member to the BOLD family. What are you thankful for this year?

Lastly, I am thankful 2020 will soon be behind us. This has been a year we will always remember for so many reasons. Sounds as if a vaccine is just around the corner so this is but one more item to add to our gratitude list. Surely 2021
will be closer to normal. Bring it on!

The BOLD COMPANY continues to remain available to discuss your building and remodeling ideas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions-big or small. This is how we say thanks to our loyal clients’ prospects; we strive to make your living condition as comfortable and as precise as we possibly can. I am available by phone, virtually on Zoom, or in-person from our new Home Design Studio practicing social distancing, of course. Phone or text me for an appointment at 859-379-9280, or by email:

Have a happy and safe Holiday Season.