BOLD Helps With A Catastrophic Recovery

Fire damage from rear

One evening in November 2020, Demetrius and Kristen witnessed a nightmare. Their home and most of its contents were completely lost in a house fire.

Thankfully, their entire family made it out OK, but the damage to the home was undeniable. The only part firefighters were able to salvage was the foundation. 

fire damage in kitchen

Recovery Home Process

At BOLD, we believe in making dreams come true. So, when we were approached about this devastating event, we knew we wanted to help with the recovery process.

We also knew there would have to be a team effort. In other words, we would need to collaborate with the customers, lenders, and insurance companies about all of the logistics before completely moving forward. This was no easy task, but BOLD believes in working together to create great results.

The BOLD team was able to clean up and dispose of the fire-damaged materials. Then, because of the salvaged foundation, we designed a home to fit the existing foundation.

That was a tough process, though. It took full cooperation between the customers, designers, and builders to turn an awful experience into something positive. For starters, there was no original blueprint. BOLD builders created a design plan based on pictures and the homeowners’ memories.

Because building codes had changed since the home was first built in 1996, we needed to meet updated international building codes modified by the state of Kentucky. Quality assurance was possible only because of the effective efforts by all those involved with the project.


recovered kitchen

The entire process of this recovery home took around 9 months. In fact, Demetrius and Kristen are about to move into their newly recovered home any day now.

The hands-on construction process took about 5 months, and the preliminary work, particularly the logistics and final details, took about 4 months.

salvaged foundation after fire in recovery home

Since many BOLD suppliers provided extended warranties on the products used, BOLD is able to transfer those to the new construction.  Coverage for shingles, exterior doors, windows, faucets, flooring, and more are all included by the manufacturer’s warranties.

In addition, like all other BOLD projects, this home was constructed with energy savings in mind. Green is the way to go!

A Turn Of Events

BOLD turned a traumatic event into a positive one. The transformation of this recovery home was something special, and the ability to turn a catastrophic experience into a new home celebration is something we will always remember. Please contact BOLD today so we can create a positive experience for you, too!