Closed Floor Plan VS. Open Floor Plan

Which Custom Floor Plan Is the Best Fit For You?

kitchen open floor plan

Open floor plan

Understanding the complexities of a custom floor plan is essential when building your dream home. What it comes down to really is the lifestyle and preferences of the family living in the home. For instance, do you prefer more privacy between rooms, or do you prefer more flexibility when it comes to furniture layout? Will you be disturbed by more noise or less natural light? These are just a few questions you have to ask yourself before choosing a custom floor plan. It is important to understand the benefits of each custom floor plan so you can decide which one is right for you.

Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans have become very popular during the last several decades. Families, and homeowners alike, favor the versatility of an open space that can be used for a multitude of reasons. With an open floor plan, there are little to no walls separating rooms so remodeling and making changes to designs, furniture, and room usage is fairly simple. In open-concept rooms, there are no barriers that are beneficial for entertaining and conversations. Also, accessibility and safety are benefits to an open floor plan. For instance, watching the children while cooking dinner is possible and all the while, your favorite TV show is in the background. You can safely monitor your surroundings. Some additional pros of an open floor plan are more natural light and easier access for those with mobility challenges.

Closed Floor Plan

closed floor plan fire place

Closed floor plans are a more traditional layout which means rooms are divided by walls and doors. Essentially, each room becomes its own space with its own purpose.  Although open floor plans are extremely desirable, some homeowners prefer closed-off designs for the following reasons: privacy, energy efficiency, design variations, noise proof, and functionality of rooms. With a closed concept, each room serves its own purpose and is therefore designed with this function in mind. Design enthusiasts, along with those who enjoy their ‘alone’ time tend to prefer this type of floor plan. Moreover, heating and cooling individual rooms are easier to regulate which likely leads to paying less on energy bills. All in all, closed floor plans have plenty of pros for those who enjoy the intricacies of individual spaces.

dining area

dining area- closed floor plan

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