Form Letter to Get the Lowest Bid

Dear Contractor, 

As you can see, money is tight and we want to get the best bang for our buck. In order to achieve this we respectfully request that you follow these guidelines as you assemble your estimate: 

  • Please use the cheapest materials you can find. They can even be used or leftover  from other jobs as long as they look good.
  • We are not concerned with longevity of a product, so long as it will look good at least till the job is closed. 
  • Maintenance is something that we enjoy doing and paying for. Faucet leaks, siding falling off exterior walls, faulty appliances, doors falling off their hinges, and settling foundations we see as challenges, so you needn’t be concerned about avoiding these and similar issues. 
  • We don’t know a lot about how to build a home, so any time you can take a short-cut, feel free to do so. If we don’t see it and you’ve already covered up the mistake, don’t worry. Out of sight, out of mind. 
  • We prefer to start with a low price and make changes during the project with change orders. There is no need to spend excessive time on the estimate. We can deal with the omissions later. 
  • Another item you can skimp on is clean-up. There is no sense in cleaning the job. It will just be dirty again. Gritty mud on the hardwood are not a problem. You can clean it up at the end of the job. Much more efficient that way. 
  • We feel very comfortable with you building our project, so there’s no need to communicate during the project. We trust you will do the right thing. No need to put weekly meetings in your estimate. That should save a lot of money. 
  • If you can get away with not buying a permit, that would be fine by us. The last thing we need is a nosy inspector crawling around the job site trying to stir up trouble. 
  • Being the well educated consumer that we are, we know that insurance jacks up the cost of labor by 20 or 30%. If you don’t have insurance, or it lapses during our project, no problem. We won’t be asking you for a Certificate of Insurance. The money saved will be worth the risk. Besides that, our Homeowner’s Insurance will probably cover anything bad that happens on the job.
  • Overall, we put this project totally in your hands. We save a lot of money and you save a lot of your valuable time. Our investment, if you can call it that, should look good for a least a few months. We’ll deal with any problems as they arise. We don’t expect you to rush out here and do warranty work, just because you said you would. That’s just something that will cause you to pad your estimate.  

We look forward to your estimate of our job. If you’ve followed our suggestions, you should be the low bidder. Congratulations!!! This is something we’ve been planning for years, and look forward to actually seeing the real thing. Can’t wait to get started.  


John Penny-Wise and Mary Pound-Foolish

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