Home Feature: Outdoor Living

outdoor living, outdoor patio with beautiful viewDo you love the outdoors? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy outdoor living in their own backyard? At The BOLD Company, we can tailor your new construction to fit your backyard expectations. Whether you want quaint balcony space extending beyond your master bedroom, a deck that has a water view, or you want the perfect deck enveloping the woods in your backyard, BOLD can make this happen.

deck on the water

Beautiful Water View

Into Nature

deck in the woods

Large Deck Extending Into Woods

If you are building your custom home, and have a love for nature, don’t forget to ask our team about our beautiful porch and deck constructions.  Living comfortably in your home and embracing the outdoors is something we want to create for you. Check out some of our work that allows homeowners to hold onto their love for the outdoors. Yet, we still want our clients to find comfort in their own homes.

Outdoor Living: Screened Porches, Backyard Patios, and More!

backyard with pool, deck and overlooking balcony

Backyard Oasis

BOLD can create the backyard oasis of your dreams. From our custom creation of screened-in porches to our custom-made backyard safe havens, we can create it all. If you are adding a pool to your outdoor experience, we can help produce a porch design that enhances the experience. However, it is important that potential homeowners discuss their design concepts with us so we can bring these ideas to fruition.

BOLD Ideas Make Outdoor Designs Come True

If you are looking for that special outdoor living experience, contact us today. BOLD can incorporate your outdoor design into the new custom home experience. For more questions about this process, please contact Mike at 859-379-9280 or shoot him an email at Mike@TheBoldCompany.com.