BOLD Feature Of The Month- Homes For Veterans

American flag with veterans running

While the Kegley family can trace roots back to both sides of the Civil War, fate and birthdates have kept later generations from participating in any war conflicts.  Grandpa Kegley (Pop) was too young for WWI and too old for WWII.  My father, JP, missed the Korean conflict by several years and I missed the Vietnam War draft by one year.  Since I was not called to serve, I have a special appreciation for all of the veterans that have served our country and help preserve the freedoms we relish.  This is why this Feature of the month discusses homes for veterans.

Because of my appreciation for servicemen, I am very proud of two BOLD projects we completed in southeast Indiana. Several years ago, we collaborated with Homes for Our Troop (HFOT) after being contacted by them. HFOT needed a builder with two specific qualifications: an Energy Star-approved builder and a Veterans Administration (VA) approved builder. Fortunately, we fit the bill and we were more than thrilled to participate (along with all of our subcontractors and supply partners) in building homes for two injured servicemen: Army Specialist Brett Bondurant and Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla.

Building Homes For Two Army Heroes

Army Specialist Brett Bondurant was five months into his first deployment when he lost his right leg above the knee and his left leg below the knee in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in Southwest Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on Sept. 28, 2011.

Lift system for Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla

Lift system for Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla

Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla served as a combat engineer with the 4th Engineer Battalion. He first deployed to Iraq in February 2009, supporting the 555th Engineer Brigade. In May 2009, he deployed from Iraq to Afghanistan.

On September 21st, 2009, SPC Lyerla was severely injured when he was thrown from the turret of his vehicle during an enemy attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan. While following up on the suspicious activity, members of the 4th Engineers unit were hit by an improvised explosive device (IED). The subsequent blast ejected SPC Lyerla from the vehicle. This event leads to multiple injuries to his right leg and paralyzing him from the waist down upon impact. SPC Lyerla was just 19 at the time of his injury.

Accessible Features For Vets

accessible features in the bathtub

Bathtub with accessible rails and handles

Thankfully, we were able to construct both of the homes with special accessible features that improved their quality of life and enabled independent living for these American Heroes. These specific homes for Veterans project were a defining moment for The BOLD Company. Here are some highlighted features we included in this featured project of the month. For example, we installed a spacious bathtub with accessible handles, grips, and rails to make accessibility easier. In addition, we positioned a quality lift system for Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla. This system provides a secure space where Mr. Lyerla can be significantly mobile without the chances of falling.


Convenience in the Kitchen

We wanted to make the kitchen as accessible as possible for these two vets. Therefore, we included pull-out shelving to make everyday living more convenient. Ultimately, we strived to make the features in the kitchen reachable for the most effective experience. We also added several other kitchen features to increase the quality of life in the kitchen.

pull out shelves in the kitchen

Pull Out Shelves in the Kitchen


handicap accessible features in the kitchen

Handicap Accessible Features in the Kitchen

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We, at The BOLD Company, took great pride in providing these services to both Army Specialist Brett Bondurant and Army Specialist Jacob Lyerla.  If you see a veteran sometime soon, be sure to thank them for his or her service. Our BOLD Feature of the month is a new construction or remodeling project we are thrilled to share with all of you.

Furthermore, if you are in the market for a custom-built home OR a remodel, please contact us today.