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Custom Design/Building is more than just picking colors or elevations.  At The BOLD Company we take pride in the fact we are true Custom Design/Builders where you choose each and every feature that is included in your new home. Your selections of style, shape and size, along with colors and textures, makes building with us a truly unique and pleasant experience.  Whether you already have your own plan, need help from us selecting a plan, or desire BOLD to design an entirely new home to meet your specific needs, we are the experts in design, budgeting and construction.


Where can you get design ideas?  We can sit down with you and conduct your “lifestyle analysis” which will help us discover your home design parameters.  Then from a review of the 650+ homes we have previously Design/Built, or a search of the over 10,000 plans on file from top designers all over the world, we can make suggestions that meet your lifestyle and budget.  These results foster further discussions that will generate a final plan or ideas for your own custom design.

Plan Links

If you would like to browse for your own plan ideas, the library and bookstores are full of home design books.  In addition the internet offers an endless source of planning ideas.  A list of my favorite sites on the web follows.  Also internet search engines will provide you with multiple sites just by placing “house plans” in the search bar.  No matter the source of your plans remember to honor the designers’ copyright of any material you review.  Happy hunting!  Be sure to contact the experts at BOLD to assist you with your Design/Built dream home.  We are the Builders OLifelong Dreams.


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