Home Warranties 101

What Does My Warranty Cover?

This is a valid question and one that every new homeowner should ask. Home warranties are such a vital part of the new construction process. In fact, those building a custom home should ask questions during the entire process. When it comes to the warranty, BOLD has you covered with the home building industry standards.building industry associates of northern kentucky logo

What Does This Mean?

The warranty refers to published industry standards by the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky.  According to the Industry Standards Manual:

“The warranty period, as used in these performance standards means the one year period
from the date of closing and/or final acceptance of the project, unless the homeowner and
builder or remodeler otherwise agree in writing.”

Furthermore, this Performance Standards Manual was designed to provide valuable information to all those involved in a home construction project. With this, there is a set of standards to evaluate the quality of the work provided during the project.

It’s In The Details

home warranties

Ultimately, after someone occupies their home, BOLD offers warranty service at 2 months and again at 11 months. This involves the Purchaser submitting a list online, of items they think to fall outside of the Industry Standards Manual.  Upon receipt of the list, we review with the Purchaser onsite and then schedule subcontractors and/or employees to correct it.  The same process occurs at 11 months. 

There are several details involving home warranties. For instance, emergency items are taken care of immediately. Additionally, there is a one-year material and workmanship warranty and a five-year structural warranty.  Essentially, any deviation from the Industry Standards is warranted unless it occurs from misuse.  Lastly, there are no scheduled walk-through inspections after 11 months unless the Purchaser thinks they have a structural issue.  



At BOLD, we want to ensure all of your questions are answered before diving into a major project like new construction. We understand that this is a huge decision for our families and want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Check out some of the other questions we can answer in the video below: