HOW TO BUILD A CUSTOM HOME, Part 24: The Rough-In Walkthrough

In this series, the professionals at the B.O.L.D. Company will take you through the process of building a custom home in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. From plan and lot selection, to mortgage approval, to the actual construction, we’ll take you behind-the-scenes each week for an inside look at a different part of the process.

This week, we look at the installation of the systems that are “hidden” inside the walls:

Once the framing and roofing are completed, the “insides” of the home can be installed:

*The electrician begins to run the electrical wiring, including setting the outlets and switches

*The plumber runs pipes and also installs plumbing fixtures and tubs and shower bases

*The HVAC technician installs the air ducts and air returns and prepares to install the furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier

*The home electronics specialist begins wiring for security alarm systems, stereo and surround sound systems, intercom systems, and central vacuum systems

As the homeowner / home purchaser, if at all possible, it is important to coordinate with your builder to be able to get in and see the home at this stage of construction. Soon after these systems are wired and installed, all the wiring and piping will be covered up with insulation and then with drywall. There is only a brief period of time in which the homeowner can lay eyes on the “guts” of the home.

This is why The B.O.L.D. Company schedules a rough-in walkthrough with each and every homeowner at this stage of construction. We are proud to show off the quality of our work. During the rough-in walkthrough, we will point out to our customers the features and details that make our homes unique in regards to quality, design, and efficiency. We will go over the blueprints, selection sheets, and change-orders with the customers, so they can see and confirm that their specifications have been met and that we have followed-through on their requests and changes. When performing a rough-in walkthrough at your new home construction project, pay special attention to:

*Are all the electrical outlets, light switches, and light fixtures where you want them?

*Are the telephone jacks, television hookups, and sound system features (speakers, etc) located where you want them?

While correcting errors or making changes to these items is fairly simple up to this point, once the drywall is installed, changes will no longer be possible without time delays and extra charges!

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