Mike Kegley's Remarks at the Bill Signing Ceremony

Governor, Representative Thompson, and guests, welcome to Northern Kentucky and thank you so much for your support of the housing industry across the state.

Homes like this one we are standing before and homes we will be building, qualify for the new home tax credit.

This tax credit will provide the incentive for the citizens of our state to build their American Dream, thereby increasing economic activity throughout the Commonwealth.

As new homes are built, new jobs will be created, unemployed workers will be called back to work and both local and state governments will benefit through increased revenue. We compliment the Governor and the Legislators for their progressive recovery plan.

For the past twenty years the housing industry has provided the fuel for our economic engine, and with the tens of thousands of Kentuckians returning to work in our industry, we can again lead our state and our country to economic prosperity.

Thank you again for your leadership in these tough economic times.