Does Your New Home Plan Include a Wet Room?

When you set out to build your own house there are a lot of exciting choices for you to make.


In today’s blog we want to talk about the current trend in “Wet Rooms” the modern choice for beautiful usable bathrooms.

Inviting, accommodating and a feast for the eyes, wet rooms are showing up in more and more homes and wowing visitors at new-home showcases.

Wet rooms are essentially barrier-free bathrooms and are traditionally tiled continuously from floor to ceiling and across the floor surface, giving a sleek, unified appearance.

Wet Room

You’ll notice that the wet room’s uninterrupted sight lines give a feeling of space. Another added bonus is that the continuous floor surface makes for easy cleanup. It also allows for residents in wheelchairs or with restricted mobility to move freely.

To ensure your wet room keeps the water, it’s crucial that everything be installed just right.

Keep in mind that floor grading is key. It must be constructed to slope gently toward drains. Tile must be properly installed and sealed to prevent leaks. So do your research when you are hiring a professional to install your wet room.

Once it’s done right, your wet room will be easy to use and to clean. Leaving you a lovely oasis in your home.