Remodel Your Home In 2021-BOLD’s Top 5

Here at The BOLD Company, we are planning for 2021 to be a year to remember. Looking to the future, 2021 may be a year where things turn around. We imagine following through with goals and projects, like a remodel of your home. BOLD would like to help you aspire to follow through with some of these goals turned projects. For instance, remodeling a kitchen, living room, or basement would add purpose to your year and the place you call ‘home’.

Reason #1 The Time Is Now

Large Bathroom Remodeling

With the increase of Covid cases, it looks like the first few months of 2021 will likely look a bit different. For example, we may still be isolating ourselves, keeping our distance from others, wearing a mask, and avoiding large gatherings. With this said, there is still time to remodel parts of your home that you didn’t get to in 2020. Perhaps you updated a bathroom, yet still, need to remodel your kitchen. Perhaps you finished the basement, yet still, need to transform part of the basement into a new bathroom space. Ultimately, the beginning of 2021 will look a bit different for us in light of vaccines; however, we are likely to have plenty of time for remodeling projects during the first few months. The time is NOW to finish these projects before things do get back to normal and we lack the time to get things done.

Reason #2 Basement Remodels

Do you want to remodel your home, but need a place to start? Let’s remodel the basement before summer! The summer is a time to enjoy your home, particularly in 2021 when things hopefully resume back to ‘

add on room in basement remodel

normal’. So why not finish the basement at the beginning of 2021, so you can enjoy it for the rest of 2021! At BOLD, we have all of the necessary tools and experience to create the basement of your dreams. Whether you want countertops installed, a gym space added, or a walkout basement update, we can actualize this for you. And to make this worth your while, an updated basement will always add value to your home if you plan to sell.


Reason #3 Re-Sale Value

If you have plans to sell your home in 2021, there isn’t a more effective way to get this done that does not include remodeling services. BOLD is proud of its remodeling resources and can’t wait to help bring more value to your home. For the buyer, however, the mere fact of an updated home can make a difference. These days, buyers often opt out of purchasing homes where there is a ton of work to do. Instead, they prefer a custom-built home OR a move-in ready home. Moreover, projects such as creating a new entranceway or adding more closet space could potentially improve the resale value of your home.

Reason #4 Office Updates

office space

Pretty soon, employees will start coming back to the office to work. For a while, most of us have been working remotely while our office spaces have been collecting dust. Why not use this opportunity to make those office improvements before workers sit behind their desks again. At BOLD, we are ready to bring your design ideas to fruition. In fact, we want to create a workspace for you and your employees that leaves nothing to be desired. Our commercial services are available for interior finish or remodel of leased or purchased office space.

Reason #5 Supply Shortage Of New Homes Due To Permits

The worldwide pandemic has influenced the housing industry for several reasons. To put it succinctly, new home construction took a big hit in April in light of Covid. For example, permits and other municipality procedures were put on hold. This will undoubtedly boost remodeling projects in 2021 as the new home construction process is difficult to speed up even in light of the changes being made with the vaccine. Additionally, with all of the increased time spent at ‘home’ this past year, potential home buyers are opting out of selling in 2021 since they spent so much time creating new living spaces and enjoying various pleasures from home. In other words, due to the shortage of new homes and the ‘stay at home’ orders, remodeling will be the Trend of 2021.

We Can Service All Remodeling Needs

Please Call BOLD today so we can meet to discuss all of your remodeling needs. We would love to get a head start on your remodeling goals for 2021. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our gallery. We like to take care of our clients. BOLD is available days, evenings, and weekends with an appointment by phone, virtually on
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