Remodeling Basements For Family Space

Remodeling Basements-Family Time

Planning for family time is always a priority for homeowners today. Many times, because of our busy lives, this family time is spent in the home building memories. In fact, our ‘Feature’ this month discusses how important spaces, like the basement, can be remodeled to provide quality time for the family. Whether families sit down to play game night, watch a movie with popcorn, or perhaps get a workout in before bedtime, quality time is the goal. To make this happen though, it often takes producing the ideal space that will help families and homeowners alike fulfill this goal. At BOLD, we want to create these spaces for our families and make their dreams come true.

Turning Basements Into Family Space

Our Team is dedicated to remodeling basements that fit each homeowners’ needs.  Our focus in this Feature issue is emphasizing how turning basements into family space is possible. At BOLD, our remodeling services are always geared towards the client’s vision. Before construction begins, our team works closely with each homeowner to custom design areas.

Exercise Room

AFTER- exercise room with french doors

After- Exercise space

Excersice area-before picture

BEFORE- Exercise Space

Take, for instance, the before and after images of this office/workout space.  This room is perfect for morning and evening workouts with family. The french doors and customized lighting makes this new space the perfect getaway for some wellness time.

Bar Area to Entertain

After Picture-bar area with mini fridge and hickory floors

Afer- Bar area

This remodeled bar area was a wonderful addition to this basement. It was important for these homeowners to have an area that could be used to entertain. Whether the kiddos were having some friends over, or mom and dad needed room to entertain a few couples, this addition was a necessity. Furthermore, the mini-fridge, sink, and cabinet space are all that was needed to turn this into a basement oasis. The hickory floors, custom paint, and recessed lighting say it all.

Remodeling Basements-The Added Details

remodeled basement area understairs

After- Staircase area

The added details to every remodel are usually significant. Take, for instance, this space under the stairs.  It adds a special touch to the room.

before- area under staircase

Before- Staircase Area

More counter space, an added closet, and some room for a bit more decor. In addition, check out the larger family space with the hickory floors, remodeled fireplace, and exterior brick. Most importantly, there is room for an 85″ TV right above the fireplace. Just imagine the fun movie nights cuddling up with the fam while enjoying a relaxing fire.

turning basements into family space

Remodeled family- Fire Place and Space for 85″ TV

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At BOLD, we take pride in turning all of your spaces into a working and living place. Remodeling basements, remodeling kitchens, and remodeling bathrooms is a staple of ours. With this particular Feature, turning basements into family space, we enjoyed helping these homeowners turn their dream basement remodel into a reality. If you are interested in turning your basement into a family oasis, please Contact Mike today at 859-379-9280 or email him at