Save Money on Your Utility Bill with an Energy Audit

While you may have already started spring cleaning, have you thought about your utility bill lately? Sure, it comes in the mail every month and seems to climb in the sweltering summer and chilly winter. You might be used to these changes, but they can be way less dramatic when you take steps to conserve energy in your home. An energy audit from The BOLD Company shows you where you need to repair or replace items in the home that are wasting energy. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money! Let’s talk about a few ways you can lower your utility bill this spring and summer.

entranceWeatherstrip and Seal Leaks

If you live in an older home, there’s no doubt that there are cracks and crevices that need sealing during the winter and summer months. These cracks can let in bugs, dust and dirt, and heat. For windows and exterior doors, try weatherstripping. This can be bought at your local hardware store precut and fits your door or window either by nails or adhesive. Don’t forget your door sweep and threshold either! For cracks along the floor or around the frame, caulk and fill so that nothing is let in or out. Additionally, check out utility cut-throughs and examine the ductwork and use duct sealant or metal-backed tape. Also, check registers and grills to make sure they are tightly sealed to ducts. This will seal a multitude of air leaks in your home.

Seal Your Crawlspace

This will not only save you energy and money in the process, but it can also save you from bad health outcomes that come from mold or mildew growing in a damp crawl space. When you heat or cool your home, you are also heating or cooling your unfinished crawlspace. The air in your crawlspace is then forced upward through the whole home. Plus, cool or hot air can escape out of the soil and out of any vents. Instead, a vapor barrier should be placed in the crawl space to seal out moisture. It will also seal your crawlspace to letting out energy. This small step could end up saving you thousands.

Bonus roomControl the Temperature

First and foremost, check to make sure that you have proper insulation throughout your home. Improper insulation is going to continuously let out heat/cold in the summer or winter. Next, make sure to use a thermostat that can be programmed. When you can program your thermostat, you can set it to have a lower temperature during the day while you’re at work or while you’re sleeping at night. This saves you money on energy when you’re not even using it.

Lower Your Utility Bills with an Energy Audit

The BOLD Company provides energy audits of homes all over the area. We will find the air leaks in your home and recommend how they need to be fixed. An energy audit is a simple way to save a lot of money over time. You’ll be amazed by how much money you save over the course of the summer and winter months just by taking a few preventative steps. Contact us today to schedule an energy audit with The BOLD Company.