Don’t Forget About Storage Space

book case storage on stairwell

Book Cases On Stairwell

People accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Whether we are keeping sentimental gifts, or have years of holiday decorations, there needs to be enough storage to hold these items. 

This is why it is very important to consider storage space when customizing your home. In the homebuilding process, many

Bonus Room In Attic

people fail to take into account their need for storage, and if they do, they generally underestimate the amount of storage space they will need. Communicating these needs to your custom home builder is essential to add adequate storage space.

Will It Cost More?

Adding extra storage may increase the cost, but the cost should be minimal if completed correctly. Ultimately, As long as you discuss storage space ahead of time with your builder, the cost should be minimal.  Essentially, the designer needs enough time to make a plan before the building begins. This avoids any extra unnecessary downtime after the construction begins. Saving time and saving money should be a priority when considering added storage.

Typically, people are willing to pay more for a home with adequate storage than a home with more finished space that’s seldom used (e.g., extra bedrooms). In fact, adding this space is a simple process. It can be accomplished in the early design stages if your builder knows this is a priority for you. Therefore, be sure to communicate storage expectations to your builder. 

What Types of Added Storage Space Do I Need?

Mud room with yellow walls and white cabinets

Mud Room Storage

This depends. Everyone runs his or her home differently. Some may want the added storage in the basement of the home, while others may prefer to add a space over the garage. Adding storage over the garage would definitely take some planning. More specifically, the builder and designer must consider how the homeowners will reach this space while building the structure. 

bookcases with fireplace

Book Cases, Cabinets, and Mantel

On the other hand, some may prefer added storage on the main level which may include walk-in pantries and extra-large closet space. Additionally, building extra storage essentials in a mudroom should be discussed beforehand. All of these customized options for more storage can really make a difference for the homeowner. But again, always think about what your needs and wants are before the building begins.

Let BOLD Bring Storage To Your Home

At BOLD, we are custom home builders that want to create your dream home. If this means adding intricate storage areas in your custom home, we are thrilled to do so! Please Contact Us to learn more about our services here at The BOLD Company. In addition, send Mike an email at We are here to serve you!