The B.O.L.D. Difference

Guaranteed Energy Star: The B.O.L.D. Company has made the commitment to construct 100% of our homes to Energy Star Standards, and have been building Energy Star homes since 2001. We also have the expertise to certify your home through the Green Build Kentucky verification program.

Barrier Free Design: Whether your needs are immediate or you are planning for the future, our experience and training can help you plan your home to overcome the obstacles that might stand in your way should you need accessible housing for independent or more convenient living, for you or a family member.

Building on the Lot of Your Choice: The B.O.L.D. Company builds where you want to live. While we do have lots available in various neighborhoods, you are not limited to those sites for your new home. Whether it would be a building lot in a different neighborhood or acreage outside of town, we are experienced in the various site conditions and requirements found throughout the entire Northern Kentucky area.

Building Code Plus: While all builders must follow the building code, The B.O.L.D. Company builds to specifications above and beyond those basic requirements: not just tighter energy codes, but greater structural and performance standards as well. All items are detailed in our 30-page construction specifications that are accessible in your online account during the building process. You are confident your home will be built as promised, perform better, and achieve its maximum investment potential with this web-based tool.

Value Engineered: Quality products and techniques are evaluated as to their actual benefits and value. Initial costs are compared to long-term maintenance and performance to determine the most cost effective combination of items to construct your home. Quality and efficiency at any cost is not acceptable and must be justified economically over the life of your home.

Permanent Subcontractors and Suppliers: While The B.O.L.D. Company, like the remainder of the industry, uses subcontractors, we do not bid each job and just award it to the lowest bidder. We use quality-minded permanent subcontractors that we select after a thorough review and on-the-job performance evaluations. As a result you will see the same subcontractors on job after job, with many having worked on our projects since the company was founded in 1986. Their pride and craftsmanship are evident in each home.

Design/Build: The B.O.L.D. Company will design, draw and construct the home of YOUR choice. Whether you have a complete set of blueprints or just an idea of what you would like and need help in looking at all the options, we can meet your needs. Our in-house design, drafting and engineering gives you the flexibility to construct your home with the features of your dreams, not just a cookie-cutter production plan similar to every other home on the street.

Service to Satisfy: While we have many quality checks in the construction process to minimize service issues, they do occur. We are always willing to take care of those items that come up from time to time. Our full time service technician and our ownership team are available to you should the need arise.

Do Business with the Owners: From design, pricing, and selections, to construction and warranty service, you are always working with one of the owners of the company. Any questions, concerns or changes can be handled on the spot and discussed with one of the decision-makers of the company. You will have a higher comfort level knowing the owner is with you at every step.