To Build Or To Buy?

To Build or to BuyYour home usually is the largest, most important investment you will make. When it comes to deciding if you want to build or buy a home, there are many things to research and consider. Each has its own list of pros and cons that need to be addressed before committing to a decision. Ultimately, it comes to your final decision, which should best fit your wants and needs as a current or future homeowner.

If you are questioning whether you should build or buy a home, take the following questions into consideration before making your final say. You may realize one is more suitable for you and your family over the other.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do I have a hard time making decisions?

2. Once I make decisions, do I stick to them?

3. Am I a perfectionist?

4. Am I usually too busy to find time to do things I enjoy?

5. Does uncertainty add stress to my life? Does lack of control add stress to my life?

6. Am I regularly disappointed by other people when interacting with them?

7. Do I handle conflict by looking for a win/win solution?

8. Do I have any free time in the next couple of years?

9. Am I realistic enough in the sense that I realize everything will not always be perfect?

10. Is our family life stable enough to handle additional activity?

Now, take a look at your answers. Did you answer “no” to the first six questions? Did you answer “yes” to the last four? If so, congratulations! You are definitely ready to find a reputable home builder in your area and start building the home of your dreams. If you did not, or if your answers were off by more than four answers, you may want to look for homes that have been previously built.

Answering questions such as the ones listed above can truly help you and your family when it comes to the question of building or buying a home. Many people do not realize that they aren’t the right type of person or are not in the right life stage to be taking on the building process. Things like time and temperament come into play when it comes to building a new home, which is why taking a quick look at the ten questions above will clearly indicate for you which process you should go with.

Benefits of Building

Benefits of Building

If you have found that building is right for you and your family at this point in your life, you should be informed of the numerous benefits that come with building a custom home. With building a home comes being able to choose every last detail including location, design, flooring, and many others. Not only do you get the house of your dreams, but a new house is physically better for you as well. A new house is less likely to have health concerns such as toxic materials that you might run into with an older home. Some of these include mold, mildew, lead paint, and asbestos. Another great benefit of building is that you can make the home much more energy efficient than older homes. Through building with the proper materials, you can build a “green” home, making it more sustainable in the long run. While building a home may seem intimidating and the upfront costs may be higher, it may be easier to regroup your investment rather than buying.

Custom Home Builder

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