Top 5 Common Homeowner Mistakes

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Make Informed Decisions

Would you like to avoid common homeowner mistakes? At BOLD, we want our clients to make informed decisions. To do this, it is important to acknowledge the common mistakes homeowners make when considering building a custom home. We want to make dreams come true for all of our potential homeowners; however, communication is key to the custom builder/client relationship.

Here are the Top 5 Common Homeowner Mistakes make and the solutions that will help:

1. Purchasing a lot that is Affordable.

We all think about affordability when considering a custom-built home. However, even with the right price, some major problems could occur. For instance, you could build a home with a great design, with great features and finishes, but if you build it in the wrong location or on the wrong lot, you could be in real trouble. There is no turning back on this common mistake.

Solution: Remember: location, location, location. Do your research and educate yourself on the lot and location. Building in a good location ensures that the property value will increase over the years. Make sure your location is an investment. For instance, is the lot on a slope? What is the shape of the lot? What will be your front yard view? Are there any electrical wires or streetlights that hinder your view? How are the schools in the area? What other homes are being built nearby? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

customer and builder in design center2. Trying to build a Custom Home without a professional builder.

Building a custom home is more complex than most people realize. It takes skilled professionals years to learn the business and even then changes in the industry, materials, and codes make it difficult to keep up with industry standards. Custom Home Builders are knowledgeable on the subject at hand-this is what they do for a living. They will be aware of all of the standard industry implementations and should work closely with city zoning to comply with ordinances.

Solution: Find a competent builder you can trust. Do your research before choosing a builder for you and your family. Ensure that this builder is credible and ask appropriate questions before signing with a professional builder.

3. Purchasing a ready-made plan thinking it will save you money.dollar bills

Building someone else’s design or dream (especially one that was designed for someone in another city and state) may not be the
wisest choice. This should be your plan and design- your dream home essentially. After choosing a competent builder, discuss your plan and make decisions based on transparency and trust. Thinking you will save money is not always the way to go. Often, ready-made plans will cost more in the long run.

Solution: Talk to your builder first before purchasing a plan. It is vital to have transparent communication with your builder to develop the custom-built home to your liking as opposed to someone else’s. Before making any changes to a plan, always reach out to your contractor.

4. Choosing a builder primarily because of price.

benjamin franklinThe expression “you get what you pay for” applies to the homebuilding process. If you’ve heard horror stories about people’s experience with their builder, it usually can be attributed to someone trying to get a deal. Of course, financing is important to all homeowners for obvious reasons. But making decisions primarily because of price is a common mistake. The lowest bid will not necessarily give you the quality home you deserve.

Solution: Building a home is one of the most personal and major investments you will ever make. This is why is important to make an informed, purposeful, thoughtful decision.  Be careful of being lured into the lowest bid. Think about the long-term investment. Just as Benjamin Franklin properly noted, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

5. Making choices for your home that you love but everyone else is unsure about.

We all love what we love, right? Our dream home has been something we have envisioned in our minds forever and now it is finally happening. We understand the excitement, and at the same time, it is important to consider others before making any big decisions. After major decisions have been implemented, there is no turning back.

Solution: Get good counsel from your builder, designer, interior designer, and real estate professional before you make your
decisions. Seeking the professional opinion of various home standard experts will ensure mistakes will be avoided. It is okay to ask for help and to trust others in the home-building process.

Quality Construction Assurance

The Bold company would like to build your next custom home and help you avoid any common homeowner mistakes.  At BOLD, we ensure quality. Our team will ensure your home’s construction, design, and location. Contact BOLD today to build your luxury dream home. Call or text Mike at 859-379-9280 or email him at