Wall Oven Recall

GE Profile and Monogram along with Kenmore wall ovens manufactured between October 1, 2002 to December 31, 2003 may have a door latching problem. Read below to get the details and check your model.

GE Recall Hotline: 888-569-1588

Recall to Inspect and Repair Certain GE Wall Ovens

Dear Customer:

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the General Electric Company (GE) is announcing a recall to inspect and repair certain GE®, GE ProfileTM, Monogram® ane Kenmore® wall ovens. According to GE’s records, you have sold some of these products. Please read this Notice carefully and call the GE Hotline if you have records of any persons to whom these ovens were sold.

This recall includes 244,000 wall ovens manufactured from October 1, 2002 to December 31, 2003. The affected models are included in the attached list of models and serial numbers.

An incorrectly re-attached wall oven door will not open into the flat position. As a result the oven rack placed in the lowest position in the oven cannot be extended fully. Correctly and incorrectly re-attached oven doors are shown in the attached guide. “Is My Wall Oven Door Re-Attached Correctly?”

The extreme heat used in the self-clean cycle can escape if the oven door is incorrectly re-attached and damage or ignite adjacent kitchen cabinets. If the oven door is re-attached incorrectly the consumer should not use the self-clean cycle and call GE for a free repair. The consumer may continue to use normal baking or broiling functions in your oven until any needed repair is completed.

GE is aware of twenty-eight incidents in which adjacent kitchen cabinets may have been damaged due to improperly re-attached wall oven doors. There have been no reported injuries.

Please notify us if you have any information on the current identity of the current owners of these ovens, so we can send this Notice to them. Please call 1-888-569-1588 between 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday Eastern time.

Affected Modles:



Serial Number Begins With:


JCT915, JT912, JT915, JT952, TD, VD,ZD

JT955, JT965, JT980*, JTP20,

JTP25, JTP28, JTP48, JTP50, AF, DF, FF, OF, HF, LF, MF, RF, SF, TF, VF, ZF



ZET3058, ZET938, ZET958


4771,4775,4781,4904,4905, 2T, 2V, 2Z

(All model numbers


start with 911.)

3A, 3D, 3F, 30, 3H, 3L, 3M, 3R, 3S, 3T, 3V, 3Z

* Lower oven only