Trust with Home Builder Northern Kentucky to build your new home today. Whether you were wanting to update your current home or wanting to design and build from the grown up, we offer a wide range of services to get you started, and the right direction for you. We offer over 10,000 different house plans and with your creative ideas from there we can go on to create something beautiful for you. we are at the Company for you. We have a wide variety of everything we can meet all of your needs at once.

By choosing Home Builder Northern Kentucky you were choosing a trusted well-built company who is going to cater to all of your needs and wants within your home. We have lots of options and ideas for you to choose from if you don’t have them all planned out. trust the company that many have over decades of work. We have high standards set since this has been a family owned and operated company since 1986. You are making the right decision by choosing us to build a home of your dreams.

At Home Builder Northern Kentucky we promise a permanent interest rate by lowering the long-term interest rate lock. We are transparent and open here to assist with any issue that may arise. you will work alongside closely with those who we trust the most. Do you know another company that offers a warranty period after your house is built? We will offer a homeowners manual that will include fast access to emergency phone numbers to reach in case your situation is outside of normal business hours.

We have met the needs of thousands over the years. We are constantly growing and thriving with clients and their new homes. Are you ready to take the step into your dream home and trust home builder northern Kentucky for us to take care of you and your needs and your families needs within the home because we will exceed all expectations that were set. trust in us because we will not let you down. Our Company thrives on the happiness of our customers and clients.

if you are wanting to get started on the house of your dreams and are ready to make the stuff, please call 859-657-6700 to speak with a direct representative over any questions you may have we also have our website you can check out at check out the gallery tab and see all we have done for our clients in the past and think about all we can do for you and your new home.

Home Builder Northern Kentucky | dreams can come true

Home Builder Northern Kentucky is the company you need to help you design and build the house of your dreams. Whether you want a tiny home or a house on the hills, we can make it happen. We offer the leisure of viewing the construction site freely. Well, your dream home is being built. We will have an amazing construction manager on the project that will meet with you weekly to discuss any concerns and or progress. build your dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted to have two islands and two sinks. The possibilities are endless. What about closet so you never have to share again you have unlimited space and your closet does that sound like something you would like?

We have been awarded Builder of the year for Northern Kentucky three times! and not just for any reason our clients always walk away happy with what they have designed and what we have delivered, trusting us like our many clients have over the years because we will deliver. We continuously provide amazing work day and day out for each and every family that comes to us. They are in good hands and well looked out for. We have experience that should ensure you will be taken care of.

Here at Home Builder Northern Kentucky we can schedule a free quote and consultation today for you. we want to hear from you. Our thing here is tell us your vision! We want to pick the perfect plan for you because we know over the years no two homes are alike. We do a wonderful job here uniquely putting together each design. The thought out designs that we offer are sure to leave everyone speechless. We are here to create your wildest dreams come true, do not think anything is too small. We can make it happen. We go above and beyond for our clients we always have and we always do well. We will always be that Company clients come first.

Are you ready to build the home of your dreams with Home Builder Northern Kentucky? you get to decide if you want the dream backyard with the pool or the dream master bedroom with the walk-in closet. We aren’t called the builders of lifelong dreams for no reason. trust in us to work with you and to get all of your wants and needs met. I am going to attach the website name below, but as you navigate through the website, check on the gallery to see all of our amazing projects we have completed over the years. Hopefully you see something that meets your desires and decide in the past that we are the company to work with. This is the thing that you need the most.

Check out our website to find out more about our services that we offer and some of our prime locations that we offer. You can also easily schedule a self tour through our website to get you started. We have some amazing gallery photos as well as testimonials located under the gallery tab on our website. These are real people and real testimonies. Believe us, trust us in your home building phase. If a phone call is something more that you were wanting, we are absolutely able to cater to you and make that happen. Please feel free to reach out to us at 859-657-6700