Homebuyer’s Corner


Our typical starting point in our process is completing the Lifestyle Analysis. What’s your style? What are your “must-haves”? Information from this form will help to capture your IDEAS and allow us to give you relevant and specific feedback on your BUDGET. Once the worksheet is complete, you will meet with a member of our team to zero in on the home you want to build. This is also a great time to talk with lenders and get pre-approved for your new home.


No two homes are alike – large or small, one story or two, basement or not – there are so many combinations and we have a great variety of plans to meet your needs, wants and desires.
If you’re building on your own homesite, or in another neighborhood, we have a collection of homes with a very smart design that ensures an efficient use of space. These designs focus on livability and have many opportunities for customization but won’t break the bank! If you already have a plan or would like to discuss design-build possibilities, simply mark that on your Lifestyle Analysis. Our staff will schedule a one on one consultation to discuss further.



If you already have a homesite our professionals will meet you on your homesite to review any opportunities and or challenges. If you are in search of that perfect location the professionals at BOLD can help. We have a selection of our own homesites that can be reserved with a refundable deposit while we work out the other details of your new home build. Home site selection is important because each piece of land is unique and not every home will fit on every homesite.



Now that we have the perfect plan and a homesite we can work on further developing the specifications of your new home and get you a firm price with all the features and options you desire. If you did not previously put down a refundable deposit it is required at this time. This will allow you to get all the information you need in regards to pricing to make an informed decision.



Now you have all the information you need to proceed with a purchase agreement. At this time any deposits you made previously will be applied towards the purchase price. At this time any decisions regarding the structure of the residence need to be final. Other decisions pertaining to colors or finishes can be finalized in our Design Studio. In addition you 1……will have a meeting to learn about our warranty, as well as your new home and how to care for it.



With The Bold Company you will have a Design Consultant to help walk you through the process of picking out colors and finishes for your home. Conveniently located in Florence Kentucky our Design Studio has an array of products and finishes to help you visualize your new home. It is important to make all your selections at this time so that materials can be ordered and arrive at the proper time in the construction process to get your home completed



This meeting will be held on the site where your new home will be constructed. Here your Construction Manager will review with you the final orientation and elevation of your home on the lot. You will receive your construction managers contact information as well as get an overview of how the construction process will proceed.



During the Construction process you will have the opportunity to visit the construction site at your leisure. You will hear from your Construction Manager weekly . This will keep you informed of the progress on your project. It is also a good opportunity to ask any question or concerns you may have. Once your home is complete we will schedule a new home orientation . This orientation is a room by room walk through of your home where we will show you the ins and outs of everything in your home and how it works. You will learn about safety features, shut off valves and other information pertaining to the operation and maintenance of your new home.



We will notify you of your completion date approximately 60 days prior to closing. At this time you will need to contact the applicable utility companies to get service transferred into your name. At Final Settlement you will receive the keys to your new home. Moving Day has arrived!



Once your final settlement has occurred your warranty period will begin. In your homeowners manual you will find emergency phone numbers in case you need help outside of normal business hours. You can submit any non-emergency warranty claims anytime through your customer login portal. We have in house warranty personnel who will assist you with any issues that arise.



After the Purchase agreement has been signed lots of work goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the construction of your new home. Plans are finalized with all the details necessary for construction. A site plan is prepared showing your home on the home site with utilities concrete and grading. Permits are applied for with the local authorities. Selections are made in our design studio. Plans and specifications are sent to lenders and appraisers to finalize financing. Once financing is approved windows, doors, trusses, brick and other long lead items are ordered.



You have gotten through the pre construction preparations. It’s time to start work onsite. Earthmoving equipment will be brought to your new home site to move dirt and provide access for the footings of your new home.



First footings will be cast on the ground to transfer the weight of your new home and its contents to the earth. Preparations will be made with gravel and drainage pipe to keep water out of your new home. Next any concrete foundation wall will be formed to create your basement.



Plumbing pipes that are needed below the concrete floor and installed and inspected. These will later be extended to the plumbing fixtures in your new home. Concrete basement floors are now placed.



Next the lumber and wood structural panels are assembled to form the walls, floors and roofs of your new home. Your new home is really starting to take shape. Roofing materials will be installed. Windows and exterior doors will be installed. A weather resistant barrier is installed on the exterior walls. Now your house is dried in.



Plumbers will install supply and drain lines to the fixtures in your home. HVAC Technicians will install the supply and return duct work that will carry air to and from your HVAC unit. Electricians will install wiring for electrical receptacles and lighting. Tv and internet and other low voltage wiring is installed. Finally insulation is installed in the walls to keep your house comfortable all year around.



The Finishes of your home are ready to be installed. Drywall will be hung and finished on the Ceilings and walls. The ceilings and walls will be painted for the first time. Hard floors like tile, hardwood and Luxury vinyl plank will be installed. Cabinets and trim will go in. In addition you will start to see the exterior finishes taking shape with brick, siding, trim and concrete flat work. Painters will coat the walls and trim.



Counter tops will be installed allowing the plumber to install faucets and fixtures. The electrician will install receptacles, lights and switches. Shower doors, Mirrors and shelves are installed. Grills and thermostat for the HVAC system are put in place. Carpeting is installed



Now your new home is cleaned and detailed to get it ready for Move in. Your homeowners orientation will take place at this time.



Your new home is handcrafted by assembling hundreds of different products. Some of these products are man made, others are naturally occurring. As the materials in your home acclimate and the seasons change you should expect to see minor cracking and drywall and other surfaces. This is normal and unavoidable as differing materials expand and contract at different rates. This aesthetic issues are easily corrected with sealants and other construction compounds. The BOLD Company will come back and address and warranty issues at 60 days and 11 months after closing.