Experience the Home Builders Northern Kentucky who has been the builder of the year three times in Northern Kentucky. Whether you are wanting to build on your own lot, build on our lot, and design and build we are the building company that will be giving you the best quality service and custom homes just for you. We have many benefits when working with us when you are planning your future custom home. We have the experience and training that can help you with creating, designing, and building your custom home. We have the experience that will make this an easy process when overcoming obstacles that may come our way.

With barrier-free design and energy-star homes, we are able to give you a qualified construction of your home to energy-star standards. will be able to build energy-star homes as we have been doing since 2001. we have the expertise and we’ll be able to certify your home through the NAHB National Green Building certification program. other benefits of working with Home Builders Northern Kentucky, The Bold Company is here with you through the whole process From design, pricing, and selections to being able to construct a warranty service. you’ll be working with one of the owners of the company with any questions or concerns that you may have you’ll be able to ask them and they will be able to handle and discuss the solutions with you.

We are always delivering exceptional service. we will guide you through the entire process of finding the perfect home site and plan out selection and Design, construction, and warranty information. you can start the process today by visiting us online or calling us. whether you have land to build on or you’re looking to purchase land to build on our experts will be able to help you and guide you correctly. we have built on our clients later out in Northern Kentucky and our off-site building has given us experience with septic systems, cisterns, hillside, extended driveways, and utility lines. having a variety of land that we have the bills on has given us the experience that we need to make sure that you are getting the best quality home builder that you can be getting. We are the best home Builders Northern Kentucky has. And we are honored to hold that and present our clients with the best quality.

We are the custom home builders that you have always been wanting to get. We appreciate one-on-one relationships then we work directly with our clients. our clients will directly work with our owners. we’ll be able to answer all of your questions and concerns as you have them. will be able to find a perfect plan and location to build you are home. we provide explanatory customer service to build your home. there are no limits to any plans. we can bid and construct a plan you might already have and build a home from your inventory of plans or help you design a unique home just for you. getting a unique custom home that fits your family’s lifestyle is something that you will not regret when working with us.

To get a consultation today and to speak with a professional who will be able to set you up by calling us at 859-657-6700 Or visit our website and fill out a contact us form and one of our family staff members will be able to reach out to you as soon as possible by visiting us at https://theboldcompany.com/

Home Builders Northern Kentucky | Capture Your Ideas

We have many selections when it comes to materials for your home, we have something for everyone to stay within budget. We make it easy for our customers to price homes and compare builders. We go through the steps to determine which material suppliers that will need to use in your home. through our experience, we have learned that the least expensive project is not always the best product to choose from. we have a selection, service, and customer satisfaction and suppliers who are committed to making sure that our customers have a selection to choose from when they are looking for Home Builders Northern Kentucky.

We are here to help you get the most out of your Home Builders Northern Kentucky, we are making sure you are heard, Our clients are our priority and we are here to produce the best home that can be built. With quality and diligent craftsmanship, we are giving you the best build with a company that has the experience and qualifications to give you the quality dream home you have always wanted. We remain competitively priced as we continue our reputation. you can get a home that you are satisfied with for generations to come that will maximize its Investments potential.

We have the commitment to work for you and so making sure that you get the best Home Builders Northern Kentucky. We want to build you a new home of quality and our goal is to create a home of lasting value that we both can be proud of. We will walk you through each step of the process of building your home. your decisions on the edge should come down to trust. we will make sure that your decision and your ideas, and visions come alive to be your dream home. we are qualified and licensed as we are certified for the construction of residential homes. bold homes have had an A+ rating since 1989. we are here to maintain relationships with our community. as we are building your new home cutting communication and making sure that we’re on the same page is very important to us.

Don’t hesitate today to get your dream home built. will be able to discuss with you our process, plans, places, and available homes. By telling us your vision we will be able to start with a budget. we will be able to capture your ideas which allows us to give you relevant and specific feedback. once the worksheet is complete you will be able to meet with a member of our team who will talk to you and lenders to get pre-approved for your new home.

To get your schedule to speak with somebody about your vision and to pick a perfect plan please call one of our professional team members by calling us at 859-657-6700 or for more information about our services and steps please fill a form out online at https://theboldcompany.com/