Whenever we set out to become Northern Kentucky Home Builders, we decide to get together and make a plan on how we’re going to be able to provide a different kind of service to all of our homeowners. Because we are a group of people that are listening to me and we had a vision together we make sure to end that picture with each of our time pages. And now I do that but we continue to do that every single day.

Because we want to make sure that we are continuing to keep up today and keep on top of everything that we do. So we continued our education. We did that in so many different ways. We took building kill classes to maintain our knowledge and we took y’all kinds of innovative classes to make sure that we were going to be heading up every single bit of technology and Innovation that there could be in the building are Arena. This is how we are able to stay the very best. We are going to be able to specialize and design and build construction.

That means that there is a true custom builder who can guide you through the design all the way through. DarkSiders going to be there with you the whole way through. But this can be your design, your dream home in your vision. And that is something that is completely different than all the other builders out there. Cuz there’s nobody that is customizing like we are. I bet there’s somebody else that sees me trying to carry. We are told that if we tried this very loose money and it would never work that this was going to be a business model that would fail.

But they were wrong. Because we are able to stay with our customers and pay for the whole thing. Even after we finish the project we are going to be able to get them a new home orientation and that’s something that you’re not going to find with other Northern Kentucky Home Builders. color is the extra mile this is the type of extra mile that we are going for for our clients in the one that makes them want to work with us. This is why people come to us instead of going to the other guys.

Because I know whenever they come to us there and we’ll be getting to the cookie-cutter home. Going to get the home that they’ve truly desired and this is something that’s totally worth it because whenever it comes to your home you’re going to be living and loving and laughing in this place for a very long time. I’ll be in your family for years to come. And we want this to be the best for you and the very best value 2. So we’re able to provide both these things and it has been a wonderful company for us as well. So whatever you think of Northern Kentucky Home Builders, look up theboldcompany.com or give us a call at 859-657-6700.

Northern Kentucky Home Builders | We Build Your Home With Quality Over Speed

If you want your home done quickly then this Northern Kentucky Home Builder may not be the one that you want to use when you’re cutting your project. Because the factor matter is wherever you go up with that mess usually going to take anywhere from five to eight minutes to bill. Then we’re going to add another couple months to that because with all the other processes that we are going to be able to take you there whenever we are feeling your home. Because there are other procedures that other companies do not have. Like the land finding step and also what we’re getting you approved for all of your loans we can stay with you 2 that stuff that assignment. And also the wrap up whenever we give you your new home Northern Kentucky Home Builders orientation and all of the utilities are turned on.

So we’ve truly stayed with the homeowner all the way through the process. So this is going to add just a lil bit of time. And if you are in a really big time, that might not work for you. You might have to go find a different Northern Kentucky Home Builders group. Because we know that there are other builders out there that can build a lot faster than we can’t. They are going to be able to get your home built a lot quicker than that. And play for just a few months. They’re short for a long time. Purple that means that you’re losing all the customization you’re losing all the uniqueness of us going to make this your dream.

And say they’re going to be living in a home that is somebody else’s dream but not necessarily yours and you’re going to be living in a home that is beautiful but not customized. In any way. And whenever you start adding this customizable features and all that uniqueness that makes it truly what you believe in and I don’t reflect who you are as a person because whenever you get. This is whenever you get through masterpieces whenever it comes to Home Building. It does and what we are setting up how to do every single time. And it might be why we have been able to let 800 different clients design their home for their building. And you know I think maybe we just did it one time and we just loved it so much we don’t know how to go back to doing it the old-fashioned way.

Because when a person gets inside and it shows throughout the whole construction process who they truly are through all your choices in their home is ever truly reflecting who they are and what they want. This is an amazing feeling whenever you get to present this to this family and they get to live in it for the rest of their life. And one that we just love to have. We loved it and gave it to you and be your Northern Kentucky Home Builders so check out the websitethboldcompany.com or call us at 859-657-69700.